The Mission of the Community Advocacy Committee of the Faith Community of St. Anthony of Padua and Most Precious Blood is to promote the preservation and availability of quality, affordable housing in safe, clean, and inviting communities comprised of people of all income levels, in accordance with Catholic social justice teachings.


The Community Advocacy Committee (f/k/a Housing Advocacy Committee) first met in December 2006, responding to a request from the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Beyond the Boundaries Program.  Its first efforts were enlisting support from parishioners for the  successful passage of Baltimore City's Inclusionary Housing and Zoning Law.  The Committee then focused on the housing situation and related concerns of the members of St. Anthony of Padua and Most Precious Blood Parishes.  Subsequently, the committee changed its name to Commuity Advocacy. The Committee welcomes any members of the parish who wish to join.


For further information, plese contact the Parish Center at 410-488-0400.